Banshees are spirits that haunt Mystic Woods, home of the vampires. It is unknown where banshees came from, but they have roamed Mystic Woods since the creation of Elementia. They are usually seen as female and undead.

They are often described as being dressed in white, and have long, pale hair. Sometimes they cannot be seen, and can only be found by their screams and wailing.

Banshees have the capability to kill, by screaming in a high frequency. Their prey will first go deaf, before they collapse to the ground. The victim's soul will latch onto the banshee, as they use it as a way to stay immortal. Vampires are immune to banshee screams, allowing them to live in Mystic Woods without fear.


Banshees have lived in Mystic Woods since Elementia's creation. They have managed to survive due to their superior way to kill. They are often left alone by the vampires living in Mystic Woods, but lost travellers often meet their end due to banshees.

Since banshees don't leave Mystic Woods, they have not been involved in any wars or battles occurring in the rest of Elementia.