The Bounty Hunters Guild is an elite group of Bounty Hunters that work together to hunt down the most wanted. They also serve as generals in the Great Elementian Army. Their base is located in Sivit Ciy, where they train to become the best fighting unit around.


The guild was formed by Redharlow 95 before he became the Ruler of Sivit. before the guild was formed the bounty hunters used to work alone, and would often fight over who would get the biggest bounty, this caused a rift between the bounty hunters, often forming small groups and battling each other for control, after a few years of the bounty hunters were asked by Redharlow 95 to help him take down a small militia, that was gathering off the coast of elemenita, after working together and seeing what they had acomplished Redharlow 95 decided to form the bounty hunters guild, and tran the bounty hunters as Red had been trained, now the bounty hunters are generals in the great elemenitain army, and have there base of operations in sivit city.