Castle Blood

Castle Blood is a castle south of Sivit City, and home to many vampires. Many humans stay away as of a common rule. It is a training ground for those vampires who wish to enhance their powers and learn to control their thirst. It is surrounded by the Mystic Woods, which is a fog flooded forest. It is said that vampires can walk in the woods at any time of day, as the fog keeps the UV-rays away.

The Blood CellarEdit

The Blood Cellar is where the purest and the oldest blood is stored, only the kings know the way in. The blood within that cellar is often called forbidden blood, as it can drive even the most controlled vampires into a blood frenzy.

The Down DungeonEdit

The Down Dungon is a place that is thought to be located under the Castle. Its where many vampires are locked up during their first transformation. The actual cells are made of a magic so old that its unknown who made it originally.