Dracus Kronin is an evil wizard who currently resides in Greenwood Forest, after he and The Death Army of The Wastes attacked and overtook it. He lives in the Elven Palace.


Dracus is the son of Vlad Kronin, an evil wizard who attempted to conquer Elementia. He was defeated, and so Dracus started The War of The Wastes II to complete his father's dream.

Dracus arrived in Elementia a year after Vlad was defeated. He made his arrival known by blowing up Commander Harlow's home, killing his wife and unborn child. Commander Harlow announced war against Dracus.

Dracus has taken over control of his father's army, The Death Army of The Wastes. After this he started attacking places in Elementia, and kidnapping many members of The Elementian Council. It is unknown what is future plans are.

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