Dragons are creatures that roam Elementia. They are ridden by wizards that have not learnt to teleport yet. They can come in a range of different sizes and colours. They are looked after by Dragonofelder.

Common Opaleye GreenEdit

The Common Opaleye Green is a common green dragon that can be found throughout Elementia. It breathes fire in small narrow jets. They are peaceful dragons, and so are used in training wizards to fly.

Fire DrakeEdit

The Dark Vampire Dragon by o eternal o

A male Fire Drake.

The Fire Drake is an uncommon fire-breathing dragon which is hard to tame. They are usually a sark shade of red, but can sometimes be black. A large number of them currently reside on Lava Island, as they feel safe around fire.

Frost FireEdit

The Frost Fire is an uncommon ice-breathing dragon which is only found in the northern Ice Fields. They prefer to live in cold places. They are usually a combination of blue and white.

Shadow DragonEdit


A rare Shadow Dragon.

The Shadow Dragon is a rare dragon that breathes jet black fire. It is not known where they can be found.

Ghost DragonEdit

The Ghost Dragon is a spirit dragon which can only affect other spirits. They are usually found in the Mystic Woods, as they hunt Banshee.


The Drakone is an almost extinct dragon. It is believed there is only one left in the world, named Spitfire. It has a black body with glowing purple spines on its back.

Known DragonsEdit

  • Spitfire - The last of the Drakone dragons. It is only loyal to werewolves. It is unknown where it resides.