The Elemental Witches are the four Witch daughters of the First Ender Wizard. He gave each of them on of the Elemental Scrolls, in reality the split Ender Scroll, to guard.

History Edit

Just before his disappearance from Elementia, the First Ender Wizard gave his daughters each a Elemental Scroll for them to guard. After he left however, the Earth Witch went mad, corrupted by the scrolls power, and fled beneath the earth. Her sisters split across the world to hide their scrolls. The Fire Witch hid on Lava Island, the Water Witch in The Grand Ocean, and the Air Witch eventually settled in Sivit City.

Eventually all four witches were reunited during the Battle of the Planes, with the Air, Water and Fire Witches fighting alongside The Great Elementian Army, and the Earth Witch fighting with Vlad Kronin and his Death Army of The Wastes. During the battle, the Earth Witch was killed by Bat Dallows and Dragon combined the 4 scrolls back into the Ender Scroll, and returned it to The End. After the battle, and now aimless, the three remaining witches apparently left Elementia.

Members Edit

  • Air Witch: Former Guardian of Air Scroll (Missing)
  • Fire Witch: Former Guardian of Fire Scroll (Missing)
  • Water Witch: Former Guardian of Water Scroll (Missing)
  • Earth Witch: Former Guardian of Earth Scroll (Deceassed)