Elementia is a world completely different to Earth, as it contains many magical creatures and locations. There is a huge variety of terrain and creatures throughout Elementia.

The realm is goverened by The Elementian Council, a group made up of the leaders of each race, who control what happens throughout Elementia.

Elementia has magical protection stopping other-dimensioners from entering into the world, although the demons once breached this protection. This keeps it's inhabitants safe from outer-dimensional harm. Elementia has survived for centuries and centuries, while other worlds have crumbled and faded.





Land of the Dwarves: Cave of Terror · Dragon Mountain · International Trading Post · The Grand Cavern
Land of the Elves: Garden of Eden · Greenwood Forest · Hall of Heroes · Judgement Falls · Kingdom of the Clouds · The Forgotten Mine
Land of the Humans: Sivit City · Spark City · Tepian City
The Grand Ocean: Death Cavern · Death Fang Island · Fire Tower · Kalse Isle · Lava Island · Tidal University
Other: Castle Blood · Mystic Woods · South Desert · Teprya · The Wastes