The War Rages OnEdit

The war with Vlad Kronin continues on with no end in sight. Commander Harlow was interviewed for his thoughts of the war. "The only reason the war isn't over is because The Great Elementian Army lacks the brute strength to launch an attack on The Wastes." said Harlow. The question remains; Can we win this war or will we fall?


Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • Warrior Wanted: Problems have arose with recent bandit attacks near Tepian City. Pay - $30
  • Employee(s) Wanted: With the new Spark's Sweets opening in Sivit City the need for employees have risen. Pay - $25 per week.
  • Soldiers Recruitment: The need for soldiers for The Great Elementian Army has grown. If you would like to join talk to Commander Harlow. Salary - $50 per week
  • Sand Scrolls for Sale Price per scroll - $50
  • Fire Staff for Sale Price - $75

Weekly RumourEdit

There has been rumours about Air Witch becoming a member of The Great Elementian Army after giving Commander Harlow the Air Scroll.