Disappearances ContinueEdit

Elementians continue to disappear through the continent. The disappearances include the Kalse the Giant Emperor, Starfire Queen of the Angels, and even The Great Elementian Army's Head General Commander Harlow. Many citizens believe it to be the work of Vlad Kronin, but are unsure due to the fact The Death Army of The Wastes seem to be inactive recently.


  • Bob's Odds has experienced a major loss after Bob himself goes missing.

Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • No current job requests or items for sale.

Weekly RumourEdit

Recent rumours have stated that most of the population have been captured by a new enemy from Teprya. This rumour was started after an expedition to the continent went wrong leaving only two survivors. The two survivors talked about a huge monster that made even the biggest of giants look like mice.