Battle in the GardenEdit

A joint group of demon troups lead by Gamerboy555, elvin rangers lead by Imac Johnson and Adamo Magus, aswell as the cosmic mage Shiplord13, stormed on Vlad's Fortress in the legendary Garden of Eden. After a long battle, Vlad retreated and Kalse, Starfire, Carol Birchwood, as well as Lightning Dallows have been found in prisons below the fortress. Now the group is marching to Spark City to free it from Vlad's control.


  • The explorers that traveled to the Garden of Eden are set to return, bringing exotic fruit from the Garden.

Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • No current job requests.

Weekly RumourEdit

The letter that was smuggled out of Spark City to Tepian City is rumoured to have been sent to the bounty hunters, by Dragonofelder who is still inside the city.

As the new Vampire King Kamo141 did not help against Vlad, people bealive he is helping Vlad.

Redharlow 95 has not yet been found.