The Slaying of the BeastsEdit

Reports said that Kamo141, the vampire king and believed Vlad supporter, has been sending troops of his army into The Grand Cavern and The Grand Ocean. He has said to be hunting for mythical monsters of the old times. The reason he didn't take part in the fight for Spark City was because he was actually in Teprya, looking for a place to build up a city and looking for scrolls.

Missing Sweet CakesEdit

A report of many sweet cakes be going missing all over Elementia, but no one knows who the robbers are. It seems to be too smart to be an animal, so it is unknown if the culprits are just hungry children or a human with the need to steal. They have said to be stolen from houses, trade wagons and even Spark's Sweets.


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Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • No current job requests.

Weekly RumourEdit

It has been said a new city is planning to be built in Teprya, name unknown.Dwarves have said to be hearing roars underground. Dragons also have been acting differently.