End In SightEdit

We have not published a issue of this newspaper for a while, beacuse we have moved back to Spark City, which is free from Vlad's forces. And there is other good news, like the elemental weapon Ebenuss, sword of fire, has been found by SpartanDory, in Typra. Spartan is ready for his forces to join up with the Great Elementia Army. Also Dragonofelder is over seeing the crafting of huge golems by the Dwarfs, which will be sent to defend stratigic areas. Light seems ready to slay the darkness, but we will have to see....


  • Food is still being stolen.
  • All the fruits from the garden of Eden have been sold.

Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • No current job requests.

Weekly RumourEdit

We are sorry to report that there is no rumour this week.