Shocking News!Edit

Just last week, rumours stated that a Bounty Hunter had been seen talking to Vlad Kronin, near Judgement Falls. Dragonofelder investigated, and found that a Bounty Hunter called Stormsword had betrayed secrets of The Great Elementian Army to Vlad. Those secrets included the location of the Fire Scroll. Dragon chased Stormsword to Lava Island, where he was ambushed by Vlad's forces! He later told this newspaper that he had been told he could die, or join Vlad's forces. However, Lightning Dallows had followed Dragon, and together they pushed back Vlad's forces. However, now Vlad knows many of the army's secrets, maybe enough to win the war.


Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • More soldiers needed for The Great Elementian Army, pay has been doubled. Salary - $100 Per week
  • Guards needed for the Library of Spark City, Vlad may try to take the scrolls. Salary- $40
  • First Golden Apple to be found, price $150

Weekly RumourEdit

Due to the presence of Vlad's forces on Lava Island, many people believe he has found the Fire Scroll.