Reconstruction CompleteEdit

It has been nine months since the war ended and finally the reconstruction of every town and city has been complete, life is now going back to normal as the refugees are leaving the major cities and returning home. Spark City was the final city to be rebuilt, and Mayor Jones had this to say, " I'm very happy with the progress everyone has made, we worked together to help rebuilt society".

New Ship Discovered Off The CoastEdit

Yesterday, the coast guard discovered what was identified as a scout ship off the coast. The ship was boarded and was found to be a ship from a far off land. The captain says that he was a part of the Imperial aAmy and was asked by his emperor to discuss and make an aliance with Elementia. The captain was greeted by the leaders and was last seen entering Judgement Falls to begin discussions.

Harlow ReturnsEdit

Redharlow and his new wife returned after nine months. He docked his airship at Sivit City yesterday and was greeted by his people. Redharlow wasn't available for comment, however he has also gone to Judgement Falls, to oversee the discussions.


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