One Year OnEdit

It has been one year since the war with Vlad ended, and since then Elementia has been at peace, cities are booming with life. A parade will be held in Spark City today to pay respect to the brave warriors and soldiers that gave their lives to stop Vlad and his army. However, many people were disappointed when the race leaders did not show up to the parade, as they were at the planes paying their respect to LightningD, who died in the final battle.

The AllianceEdit

Today also marks one year since the Empire arrived at our shores and declared that an alliance be formed. Since then we have seen much trade between the two countries, and more tourists and new residents showing up.


  • No current businesses to report.

Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • No current job requests.

Weekly RumourEdit

There have been a few rumours around Sivit City stating that Redharlow 95's wife Isabella is pregnant. This has yet to be confirmed by the leader and his wife, but many are stating it is true.

Another rumour is a strange light has been seen in The Wastes. Soldiers have been sent to check it out but have not yet returned.