Attack on the Elven PalaceEdit

Early this morning, Dracus led his army to the Elven Palace in Greenwood Forest and attacked. The guards fought back and tried to protect the palace and Queen Luna, but Dracus's forces overpowered them and raided the palace. Dracus kidnapped Queen Luna and her assistant Esme Darke, and witnesses report seeing him lead the two women onto an airship, and fly away. Dracus's forces are still currently residing in the palace, and have officially taken it over. The Great Elementian Army have been notified, and are preparing to attack the palace. Queen Starfire has sent out a search party to hunt down Dracus and bring Queen Luna and Esme Darke back. ~ Carol Birchwood


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Weekly RumourEdit

It has been rumoured that Sand Men have been seen around The Grand Cavern. Citizens are puzzled at their appearence, and are trying to avoid them at all costs.