Tidal University ReopensEdit

Recently the Tidal University, the pristine water wizards school, is reopening it's doors for another year. The school has gotten a new headmaster who currently refuses to be interviewed. With these trying times its good to see new wizards. Some are unsure if it is safe to open the school due to Vlad Kronin's current involvement in the area. Some say the school may be a target for the The Death Army of The Wastes due to their many powerful scrolls and weapons.


  • Tidal University is currently gaining a Bob's Odds in the school for students to purchase supplies and other things.
  • Spark's Sweets has also opened a store at the school for the students.

Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • The need for soldiers for The Great Elementian Army, the salary is still currently $100.
  • Frost Scrolls for sale by wizard, price per scroll is currently $30.
  • Hunter needed to remove some boar from a farm near Greenwood Forest, pay is currently $20.

Weekly RumourEdit

Recent news has stated a new Werewolf has appeared named MRHOBOISM, and currently is a mystery as to where he came from. Another rumour is that the current Vampire King known as Thepenguin9 might be stepping down as King of the Vampires and may give the title to the vampire known as Kamo141.