Shock Return of DragonEdit

Around noon today, Spark City was shaken by huge magical waves, which caused minor disruption in the city. A portal opened in front of The Grand Library, and a cloaked figure was seen stepping through. Guards scrambled to intercept the stranger, before they threw back their hood and revealed themselves to be Dragon Elder, who had not been seen in the city for about a year. Before anyone could greet him, Dragon raised his staff and spoke:

Hear me people of Elementia! We face the darkest of futures. A great evil has risen, your greatest heroes have vanished, and time itself is coming undone. If we do not work together to survive and fight the darkness, all we will seek to exist. This I have seen.

After this, Dragon retreated into The Grand Library. He has since been seen flying towards Judgement Falls, with reports coming in from other cities that he was heard across Elementia. It is so far unknown what he was warning of, but some believe he was talking about the kidnapping of leaders by Dracus Kronin.


Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • Workers are needed to help clear the rubble of the Hall of Heroes. Report to the ruins of the hall for work.
  • Any suspiciously powerful magic weapons found being sold should be reported to the authorities.

Weekly RumourEdit

A member of the Mapmakers Guild has apparently been thrown out due to a mistake about the location of the home island of the demons. There is apparently conflict in the guild as some members protest.