Battle For Kalse IsleEdit

Vlad Kronin has recently attacked Kalse Isle with his naval forces. It is believed that Vlad invaded the island so he can use it as a base of operations for his search for the Water Witch and the Water Scroll. The invasion caught the native giants by surprise, which caused Vlad to gain the upper hand during his attack. Vlad's plans were soon foiled when The Great Elementian Army arrived along with their commander Red Harlow. Emperor Kalse soon agreed to work together with Red to drive Vlad back. Upon Vlad's defeat Kalse held a victory feast at his castle.


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Weekly RumourEdit

During the battle at Kalse Isle a scout from The Great Elementian Army spotted Vlad and saw him holding an unusual scroll. It is believed that this scroll may be the Fire Scroll guarded by the Fire Witch. It is possible that Vlad may have acquired it during his attack on Lava Island a few days ago.