The Non-Aggression TreatyEdit

The Grand Ocean has become an aquatic battle field between The Death Army of The Wastes and The Great Elementian Army. The armies are currently battling for the location of the Water Witch and the Water Scroll. Emperor Kalse of the Giants has agreed to not join forces with Vlad Kronin and will remain neutral. The demons have yet to make a statement whether they have picked a side. The giants and humans are planning to sign a non-aggression treaty with The Great Elementian Army. The treaty signing will be held at Judgement Falls and will be overseen by the elves.


  • Kalse Isle will allow tourism for the elves, humans, and wizards after the treaty is signed.
  • The treaty will also grant businesses to open stores on the island for a small tax.

Job Request and Items for SaleEdit

  • The need for soldiers is great. Sign up for The Great Elementian Army! Salary: $105.
  • Some trustworthy hands need for catching fish off the coast of the Land of the Dwarves. Pay $95.

Weekly RumourEdit

Rumours have surface that the Water Witch is currently with Dragonofelder somewhere in The Grand Ocean. It is unknown what the duo are currently doing.