Spies Among The Skies Edit

Reports of Shadow Ravens have causes problems around Elementia. The Shadow Ravens are a type of bird native to The Wastes that are currently being used as spies by Vlad Kronin. Many people have been hospitalized from Shadow Raven attacks and Head Wizard Lightning Dallows has stated, "If you see a Shadow Raven do not approach it, but to tell a local city guard and have it captured". Currently there is a reward set up for each Shadow Raven captured or found by citizens.


  • No current business news to report.

Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • The reward for capturing or killing Shadow Ravens is currently $10 per bird.
  • The need for soldiers is still high. The salary is still $120.

Weekly RumourEdit

Recent rumours have suggested that someone is helping Vlad control the Shadow Ravens. This rumour started after someone saw an unidentified cloaked person talking to Vlad.

Scouts in The South Desert report separate groups of ghouls and sand men are moving for unknown reasons.