Spark City in TroubleEdit

Our newspaper, the Elementia Times, hasn't been released on time. We are sorry. We are writing this in Tepian City as Spark City has been taken over by Vlad Kronin. Both Lightning Dallows and Carol Birchwood are reported missing. Firetongue has been captured and the city folk have been enslaved by Vlad. It seems Vlad is setting up a base of operations there and has already set up his army to protect him and the city. More news as it happens.


Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • Explorers needed for the search of Lightning and Carol.
  • The need for soldiers has risen, the salary is now $200.

Weekly RumourEdit

Recent rumours have suggested that the person who was seen helping Vlad let him into the city at midnight where he and his army sprung an attack.