Esme Darke is the personal assistant of the Queen Luna, and lives with her in the Elven Palace, in Greenwood Forest. She is a rather powerful faerie, and often uses her magic to help around the palace. She also paints portraits of members of the Royal Family and gives them to them as gifts. She is considered one of the best painters in Elementia. Her magical ability allows her to communicate with animals, which she enjoys very much.


During The War of The Wastes II, Esme, along with Queen Luna, was kidnapped by Dracus Kronin when his forces attacked the palace. She was later rescued by Prince Damon of the Vampiric Royal Family. Damon found her imprisoned in an old jail cell under Tidal University, and subsequently broke her out. She was then taken to Castle Blood, where she was interviewed about her kidnapping by Commander Harlow.

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