Giants are very large creatures that inhabit Elementia. They have been on Elementia for centuries, but have a bad reputation as they often terrorise people living on the continent. They are led by Emperor Kalse. Most of them have been captured by Dracus Kronin.


Giants have been trouble for a long time, but most recently, they had nowhere to live, and so attacked other places instead. The first place they attacked was Dragon Mountain. The Giants started attacking homes, and were not stopped due to the Humans stealing all of the Wizards' wands during their fued. The Giants detsroyed so much that Dragon Mountain fell and crushed the Human capital city Cursia. Soon after this they became hungry and attacked the Elven trading ships. To stop the damage, Queen Luna of the Elven Royal Family gave the ownership of an island to the Giants, so they had somewhere to live peacefully. The Giants then named it 'Kalse Isle', after their leader Emperor Kalse.

After the Demons arrived in Elementia, they were given permission to live on Kalse Isle with the Giants. The two races don't interact much, but live peacfully together.

Kalse Isle has been taken over twice by The Death Army of The Wastes, resulting in the Giants being captured. Dracus Kronin currently holds many hostage on Kalse Isle.

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