The Hall of Heroes was a large ancient hall hidden on the side of an old mountain located in the Land of the Elves. At the front side, there were two large statues of knights with swords on either side of the door. The hall contained the statues of all heroes who had passed on. One of the main statues was that of Lightning Dallows, who was killed in the Battle of the Planes. Next to his statue was the statue of his sister Bat Dallows.

The Weapons and Armour Room was a room inside the hall that contained some of the most powerful weapons in Elementian history. One of the most important suits of armour in the hall was that of the great wizard Elementia.


When Elementia was first discovered, it was by a great and powerful wizard, who helped build cities and structures that still stand to this day. When he died, he built the hall and placed his armour and wand in it.

During The War of The Wastes II, the hall was attacked and destroyed, presumably by Dracus Kronin and The Death Army of The Wastes. The hall's protectors were killed, and their bodies were dumped around the building. Many important weapons were stolen. It is presumed to have been attacked to gain these weapons.

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