Isabella Harlow (née Smith) was a human who worked in a tailor shop in Sivit City. Eventually, Isabella met Red Harlow, and they started seeing each other. After The War of The Wastes ended, Isabella and Red got married, and Isabella became pregnant. They lived together in Harlow Manor in Sivit City. Soon after their marriage, Dracus Kronin attacked their home, and destroyed it, killing many people, including Isabella and her unborn child. Red was devastated, and announced war on Dracus.


Isabella moved to Sivit City when she was a teenager. She and her mother opened a tailor shop and designed the Bounty Hunters Guild's outfits and logos. A few weeks after Isabella moved to Sivit City, she was walking near the edge of the city, and fell over the edge. Fortunately, she was caught by Red Harlow, who's airship was floating just below the edge of the city. They became friends, and eventually they started dating each other. When Isabella's mother died, Isabella moved into Harlow Manor with Red.

When Isabella was killed by Dracus, her body was laid to rest in the cemetery under Sivit City, where her mother was buried.

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