Kalse Isle is a large island off the west coast of Elementia. It is the largest of the four smaller islands surrounding Elementia. It is currently in control of Dracus Kronin and The Death Army of The Wastes.


The island's native inhabitants are the giants, but the island was originally owned by Queen Luna of the Elven Royal Family. Following an attack on Dragon Mountain, and on the elven trading ships, Queen Luna gave ownership of the island to the giants, so they can live there peacefully, without destroying Elementia. The giants then named it 'Kalse Isle', after their leader Emperor Kalse.

Soon after the demons broke through Elementia's outer-dimensional barriers and started attacking the continent, they infiltrated Kalse Isle and created the Fire Tower. After a long discussion, The Elementian Council decided to allow the demons to live on both Lava Island and Kalse Isle, as long as they didn't attack Elementia. The demons agreed to this, although they still terrorise many people's lives.

Kalse Isle is not usually visited by others, as there is a danger of getting stepped on. This means the island does not have many defences, which was taken advantage of by Vlad Kronin, during The War of The Wastes. Vlad and his army attacked the island, and took it over. He was soon drove out by The Great Elementian Army, and the giants returned to peaceful living.

During The War of The Wastes II, Kalse Isle was once again taken over, this time by Dracus Kronin and his army. They were quick, and took the giants by surprise. Few escaped, and most of the giants were captured. Dracus and his forces currently have control over the island.

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