Lucina Blackhaunt is the Head Witch of Elementia, and lives in Spark City. She is the second child of King Andrew and Queen Narissa of the Vampiric Royal Family. Her brother is Prince Damon.


Since Vampires are infertile, Queen Narissa made a deal with Penelope Dallows, that if she made her fertile, Narissa would give Penelope the Vampiric Royal Family pendant, that contained rare magic. After Lucina was born, Narissa told King Andrew about the deal. He disagreed with it, and hid the pendant. Years later, when Penelope came to retrieve the pendant, Andrew denied her it. Angry, Penelope cursed Lucina as punishment, turning her into a witch. This meant she could not live with her parents, as the Mystic Woods was too dangerous for a non-vampire, and so was sent away to live in Spark City.

After Penelope's daughter Bat died overseas, Lucina gained the position of Head Witch. This granted her a seat in The Elementian Council. Lucina attends every meeting, as it is the only time she sees her parents.

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