Mortas is the Leader of the South Desert, and leads his own army, made up of sand men. Mortas served Vlad Kronin as a general in his army, The Death Army of The Wastes. He fought in The War of The Wastes, alongside Vlad, and managed to escape imprisonment when the war ended. When Dracus Kronin started The War of The Wastes II, Mortas was called to participate in it.


Mortas' early life is largely unknown and remains a mystery. He eventually made his home in the South Desert and created a race of machine and sand hybrids that he calls sand men. During The War of The Wastes, Vex, Leader of the Ghouls, invaded the desert, and was attacked by Mortas. The two forces battled, and Mortas started winning. Vex soon gained the upper hand as he called for more ghouls to aid him, and they soon defeated Mortas and his forces. Mortas was spared by Vlad Kronin, and was made a general in his army, due to his power and skills as a leader.

Mortas and his army went on to aid Vlad during the Battle of the Planes, which went on for many days. The battle ended with The Great Elementian Army winning, and Vlad disappearing. Mortas managed to escape, and went into hiding. His army returned to the South Desert.

When Dracus Kronin started The War of The Wastes II, he called on Mortas and his army to aid him. Mortas attacked The Grand Cavern, and his forces took control of it. It is believed Mortas also kidnapped King Rory and Lady Eliza.

During the rescue of Luna, Queen of the Elves, Mortas attacked Commander Harlow, who was bringing Luna to safety. Mortas tried to stop them escaping, but was ambushed by Starfire, Queen of the Angels. Mortas was soon defeated, and was arrested by Starfire's head of security. He is currently incarcerated in the Greenwood Forest palace jail.

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