Scrolls are magical items that contain powerful magic. Some Scrolls are connected to the fate Elementia, while others are linked to other realms. Scrolls don't have to be read to release their magic.

Elemental Scrolls/ Ender Scroll Edit

The Four Elemental Scrolls were apparently created by the First Ender Wizard, when in fact he had stolen them from his native dimension of The End. He gave them to his four witch daughters, increasing their powers. However the Earth Witch went mad, taking the Earth Scroll deep under the earth. Eventually she returned centuries later, as an ally of Vlad Kronin. Dragon combined all 4 scrolls into their true form of the Ender Scroll, and then returned them to The End.

The four Elemental Scrolls had magical control of their corresponding element. The Ender Scroll combined all these powers, and also had powerful Ender Magics. Holders of the scrolls had decreased ageing, and their powers were enhanced.

Time Scroll Edit

A relativity unknown scroll, the Time Scroll was first reviled when SpartanDory gave it to Kamo141 at the Battle of the Planes. It is unknown if it was held by the Werewolves or the Vampires before the battle, but it was used to great affect during the battle by Kamo, who eventuality used it to transport himself and Vlad to an unknown.

Dispute it's name, the only possible time related powers the scroll had was creating a portal to an unknown location. It boosted the Vampire Kamo's powers.