Sivit City

Sivit City is a combination of floating islands that are home to bounty hunters, and an elite army ruled by the legendary bounty hunter Redharlow 95. The city has a few tall buildings, and many victorian style homes. It also has a huge gladiator arena and training ground. The entrance to the city is a cable car system that tracels from the ground to the islands above and exits near the docks. Which is filled with many airships, both military and cargo airships.the city's main form of income is its weapons and airship manufacturing. Sivet city is considered mainly a military base as most of the solders including the great elementan army and the bounty hunters train here.

sivit city consists of three islands which are held together with giant chains that can pull the islands closer together of further away. The main island holds the main part of the twin where you can find the shops and parks. With many residential buildings and houses also located here.the second island holds the training facility and gladiator arena for the bounty hunters and army With military docks. And the third island holds the weapons manufacturing werehouse the docks and the airship construction facility.


sivit city was originally four islands that were located off the west coast of elementia. and wasnt home to the bounty hunters and amry, just a few farmers on one island and a big town onthe larger island. however it was consantly under attack from pirates and demons. so the newly elected town leader ichabond harlow (red harlows great gandfather) went to spark city in search of a wizard. adfter wandering around for an hour in the city he met and befriended bennadict dallows (lightening dollows greatgrandfather). who he then asked to save sivit. he agreed on one condition, that ichabond turn one of the islands into a training facility for the newly formed elementan army. agreeing bennadict went with ichabond back to sivit and watched as the powerfull wizard liffeted up the islands and flew them over elementia where they are today. he also crated power chains to hold the islands together.

a few weeks after bing lifted into the air sivit went under construction building new docks new buildings for residents to live and a training facility for the army.

The Bounty Hunters and SoldiersEdit


A Bounty Hunter

The army is extremeley loyal to Redharlow. Each one of these soldiers have been trained to take down all known creatures. Their main enemies are the demons, due to having a few wars with them. These soldiers are the main form of law inforcement in Elementia. The bounty hunters are the most dangerous, having being trained to take on an army by themselves, they usally carry an arsonal of weapons, but usally have a main weapon that they will use the most.