The South Desert is an extensive desert covering the southern part of Elementia. It is the hottest part of Elementia, causing it to be mostly uninhabited. The only creatures known to live there are sand men and South Desert scorpions, with sand spirits also known to haunt the area.

The desert is ruled by Mortas, Leader of the South Desert, and his army. He has complete control over the desert, and defends it mightily from outside attacks.


The South Desert was created when Elementia was first formed. However, it was left abandoned and alone, until Mortas, Leader of the South Desert, arrived. Mortas made his home in the desert, and claimed it as his own. He then went on to create a race of machine and sand hybrids he calls sand men, that populated the vast desert.

During The War of The Wastes, Vex, Leader of the Ghouls, invaded the desert, and was attacked by Mortas. The two forces battled, and Mortas started winning. Vex soon gained the upper hand as he called for more ghouls to aid him, and they soon defeated Mortas and his forces.

During The War of The Wastes II, Mortas was arrested, and is currently incarcerated, leaving the safety of the desert in the hands of his army.

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