South Desert Scorpions are a species of large scorpions that inhabit the South Desert. The Scorpions are known for their thick exoskeletons and deadly poison. Their exoskeletons are used by the native sand men to make weapons and armour.

Many South Desert scorpions are part of Mortas' Army, where they fight alongside sand men. They are sometimes ridden by the sand men, to travel faster. Wild scorpions live in the South Desert, but the army scorpions are currently in control of The Grand Cavern, and are residing there.


When Mortas, Leader of the South Desert, created his army of sand men, he went on to recruit many South Desert scorpions into his army.

During The War of The Wastes, Vlad Kronin sent Vex, Leader of the Ghouls, into the desert, to try and expand the reach of The Death Army of The Wastes. Mortas and the army attacked Vex, and the two forces battled. Mortas started winning, but Vex gained the upper hand as he called for more ghouls to aid him, and they soon defeated Mortas and the army. Mortas was spared by Vlad, and was made a general in his army, and Mortas' Army was integrated into Vlad's army.

Mortas and his army went on to aid Vlad during the Battle of the Planes, which went on for many days. The battle ended with The Great Elementian Army winning, and Vlad disappearing. Mortas managed to escape, and went into hiding. His army returned to the South Desert.

When Dracus Kronin started The War of The Wastes II, he called on Mortas and his army to aid him. The army attacked The Grand Cavern, and took control of it. It is believed Mortas also kidnapped King Rory and Lady Eliza.