Spark City is the capital city of Elementia and is located in the east. It is run by Mayor Jones and his assistant. The city is mainly inhabited by wizards, but is home to several other races. Many celebrations are held here. A statue of the late Lightning Dallows stands in the centre of the city as a remembrance to him.


Spark City was built by both the wizards and the humans when Dragon Mountain and Cursia were destroyed. Soon after its creation, many people moved here, most notably the late Lightning Dallows, who helped maintain Spark City's protection and defences. Many businesses are based in Spark City, such as Spark's Sweets and The Silver Cauldron. Spark City was once attacked by The Death Army of The Wastes, but was held back by the city's inhabitants. Unfortunately, the army managed to overpower them and take control of the city. Months later, The Great Elementian Army regained control of Spark City and sent Vlad Kronin and his army packing.

Known InhabitantsEdit

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