Tepian City is a large city set in the Land of the Humans, in the eastern part of Elementia. The city is home to mainly humans, but many wizards live there as well.

The city was once the capital of Elementia and home to the human king, however after the attack on the International Trading Post post he was locked up and The Elementian Council took over. The city is located around a series of cliffs and waterfalls, and has been there for thousands of years. It is constantly being repaired. It is also the second largest city in Elementia, and is protected from harm by The Great Elementian Army.


During The War of The Wastes, the city was prone to bandit attacks, due to The Great Elementian Army concentrating on defeating Vlad Kronin and The Death Army of The Wastes.

Also during The War of The Wastes, the Elementia Times had to be written in Tepian City for a brief period, as Spark City had been taken over by The Death Army of The Wastes.

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