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soldiers walking into battle

The Great Elementian Army has many different races in its ranks, and is the only defence agianst the Devils. It's main base of operations is Sivit City. It's leader Redharlow 95, has over 50 000 soilders in the army which is divided up between ground troops, the navy or the airforce; which has skyships. They are also the keepers of the law, and are stationed in every city to help keep the peace.


The Great Elementian Army was formed just after the attack on Dragon Mountain and participated in the raiding of the International Trading Post , the orignal army leader  was ACursedDoor, the Human King but made Redharlow 95 the commander of his army because Red knew how to train them to become an elite fighting force like his bounty hunters. The army has gone to war against the Devils a few times and drove them back into Hell, and they are ready and waiting for the Devils to return. Since then, Imac Johnson has played a big role in the army, placing many archers along the walls of any cities that require them. Dragonofelder provides magic support when he can.


within the military of elementia is many different types of the army. these include:

the airforce-

the navy-

the groundforce-

Recently an Necromancer from The Wastes known as Vlad, Lord of The Wastes has began to expand his reach with The Death Army of The Wastes. The Army has began to gather its forces for a new war for the Ender Scrolls.


A bounty hunter was recently seen near Judgement falls, talking to Vald. No one nows for what reason, but Dragonofelder is investergating.