The Wastes are a bitter lands to the far south of Elementia. Filled with sand, volcanoes, and death, not very many can live here besides the dragons. It is said to be a place full of magic and power, and those who venture to the top of the sacred volcano of molten gold, are said to be blessed by the spirits, granting a single person of their choice power other then their own. The land holds few towns as those in existence are easily wiped out by sandstorms, eruptions from nearby volcanoes, and berserking dragons which swarm this area. So far very few have entered The Wastes and survived.



Land of the Dwarves: Cave of Terror · Dragon Mountain · International Trading Post · The Grand Cavern
Land of the Elves: Garden of Eden · Greenwood Forest · Hall of Heroes · Judgement Falls · Kingdom of the Clouds · The Forgotten Mine
Land of the Humans: Sivit City · Spark City · Tepian City
The Grand Ocean: Death Cavern · Death Fang Island · Fire Tower · Kalse Isle · Lava Island · Tidal University
Other: Castle Blood · Mystic Woods · South Desert · Teprya · The Wastes