Across Elementia, many different and unique weapons are in use. Here are some of them.

Ender BladeEdit

Made and used by Dragonofelder, this blade is made from obsidion, with an Ender Eye in the hilt. It is fast, and magic can be channelled down it.

Twisted OakEdit

A rare and powerful wand previously owned by the Head Wizard LightningD, but now owned by the witch Batcatnat. It glows when spells are shot out of it and has a Ghast tear in the handle.

Galaxy StaffEdit

A powerfull staff owned by the Cosmic Wizard Shiplord. It is said that it holds a Galaxy in the orb of the staff.

Lassemaica SwordEdit

A three feet long silver enchanted sword with ivy engraved into the silver-black handle, it is light, strong and especially designed for elves to use during battle. The Lassemaica sword is currently lost in Greenwood Forest, but it has previously been owned by the Queen of the Elves Luna Laufeyson.

The One PickaxeEdit

A pickaxe made of stone, steel, gold, diamond and obsidian, with bedrock at the tips. It is said that it was forged deep in the core of Elementia.

The Blooded SwordsEdit

Blades that were forged deep under Castle Blood, they are poisonous to anyone it cuts except the weilder. Can be joined togther to for one massive doubled bladed sword. Can only be used by the owner unless given permission to use, if not it will kill you.

Moon SpearEdit

A spear so old that is forgot about by most, can give life to people on the edge of life. Last seen in the The Forgotten Mine.

Shadow SwordEdit

Made up of souls of the End, this sword is deadly to all of light, but can be used to fight the forces of the dark as well. The souls will transform into the sword under the will of a Ender Ruler, and the sword can only be wielded by one of noble blood.