Vampires are humans that have a thirst for blood, and have grown fangs to help with this. They can drink any kind of blood, but they prefer human blood. If they drink Angel blood, they become super strong, and do not burn up in sunlight, like other Vampires. Its also believed that some vampires has small amounts of magic within them.


The first vampire was created when they were bit by a Blood Bat, a since extinct animal. It multiplied very fast, until the Angels came and began to eradicate them. The remaining Vampires fled, and settled in the north, where they built Castle Blood. They are returning, as they believe the Devils will attack the Angles as well as the Humans.


Known VampiresEdit

  • Vampire King: Kamo141
  • Vampire Prince: ThunderD
  • Vampire Warrior: ThePenguin9

Places Belonging to the VampiresEdit

Castle Blood, home of the head Vampire

Mistic Woods, surrounds Castle Blood


It is mythed that three vampires were born with special powers. The most recent report of a vampire with these powers was back in the great raid, when a human reported a second human flickering between human and a vampire. Its believed that another of the three can summon an extremely large amount of fire/heat that compares close to the devils.

Its believed that if a vampire bit a werewolf on its first change before it has completed the transformation, the werewolf would have both of the 'monsters in them'.

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