Vex is the Leader of the Ghouls. Vex served Vlad Kronin as a general in his army, The Death Army of The Wastes. He fought in The War of The Wastes, but after the Battle of the Planes he was arrested by Commander Harlow, and locked up in a secret location.

Vex is a large ghoul, with green skin, opposed to the normal grey skin. Vex gained his high rank by fighting the previous Leader of the Ghouls, and winning. When Vlad came asking for his services, Vex gave him the old leader's head.


Most of Vex's early life is unknown, but is is presumed he was born and raised in The Wastes, the same as other ghouls.

Vex decided to challenge the previous Leader of the Ghouls, and faced him in battle. Eventually Vex won, and took over as the new Leader of the Ghouls. He could then control every ghoul in Elementia. Having heard of his power, Vlad Kronin sought out Vex, and asked him to join The Death Army of The Wastes as a general. Vex accepted, and gave Vlad the previous leader's head.

During The War of The Wastes, Vlad sent Vex and the ghouls to the South Desert, to try and expand the reach of The Death Army of The Wastes. During his venture into the desert, Vex was attacked by Mortas, Leader of the South Desert, and his army. The two forces battled, and Mortas started winning. Vex soon gained the upper hand as he called for more ghouls to aid him, and they soon defeated Mortas and his forces. Mortas was spared by Vlad, and was made a general in his army, due to his power and skills as a leader.

Vex and the ghouls went on to aid Vlad during the Battle of the Planes, which went on for many days. The battle ended with The Great Elementian Army winning, and Vlad disappearing. Commander Harlow arrested Vex, and incarcerated him in a secret prison.

Due to Vex's incarceration, he was not able to participate in The War of The Wastes II.

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