Vlad Kronin was an evil wizard that resided in The Wastes. He commanded The Death Army of The Wastes. He and the army were one of The Great Elementian Army's greatest enemies, until they were defeated at the Battle of the Planes. Vlad is currently missing and is presumed deceased.


Not much of Vlad's history is known. Earlier in his life he had a child, Dracus Kronin. Vlad delved in dark magic, and started turning evil. He ventured to Elementia to capture and rule over it. He created an army, The Death Army of The Wastes. He lived in The Wastes for some time, creating a large base. During that time, he visited The South Desert, where he attacked the desert's ruler, Mortas, and his army. He spared Mortas, and made him a general in the Death Army. During this time, Vlad also recruited Chief Vex to be a general.

Once Vlad was ready, he launched The War of The Wastes. He and his army attacked many Elementian locations, taking over many cities, and kidnapping members of The Elementian Council. He did this to try and find the Elemental Scrolls, which would allow him to conquer Elementia.

Vlad had to face the Elemental Witches before he could gain the scrolls. He tracked the Fire Witch to Lava Island, and managed to take her scroll. The Earth Witch came to him and offered him the Earth Scroll if she could fight in his army. Vlad agreed to this, and gained the Earth Scroll.

Vlad and his army fought in the Battle of the Planes, but were defeated by The Great Elementian Army. After the battle, Vlad went missing, and it is presumed he is dead.

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